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August 19 2014: Hypnosia & Villainy pre-orders!

Thrash metal fans beware! Ppre-orders for Hypnosia and Villainy are online now at our webstore: www.hammerheartrecords.bigcartel.com!

Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred CD/LP/Digital
Re-issue of this classic Swedish album! Thrash metal attack! Extreme Hatred is the worthy successor to Kreator’s second album. This is real thrash for the people that are not afraid of too many fucking riffs. Finally available on CD and LP again!

Pre-order Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred CD
Pre-order Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred LP (yellow transparant vinyl)
Pre-order Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred LP (black vinyl)

Villainy - Villainy I
The Duch trio Villainy come to haunt you with their debut album on vinyl! Villainy is an unorthodox metal band from the Netherlands with death, doom, black, thrash metal and other musical influences. With their energetic, thunderous and raw live performance they have left european stages shrouded in darkness for the last 3 years. For fans of: Celtic Frost, Obituary, Death, Venom!

Pre-order Villainy - Villainy I (black/white splatter vinyl)
Pre-order Villainy - Villainy I (black vinyl)

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