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july 22 2015: New signings: Rebaelliun and sig:ar:tyr

Rebaelliun is back in business, re-new deal with Hammmerheart Records!

Brazilian Legends in the matters of speed and brutality combined, Rebaelliun, are back! We team up again, after working together 15 years ago. In October Hammerheart will release a 7” with the two tracks that started it all in 1999: The “At War” Cd-single will be re-issued as a 7” EP!

A new album (for now it seems to titled “The Hell’s Decrees”) will be recorded this Winter, with a release date for May 2016, more news will follow! This will be followed by touring and festival performances.

The two albums “Burn The Promised Land” and “Annihilation” will be re-issued in deluxe-CD versions, digitally and as cool vinyl re-issues, more news along the way!


Hammerheart Records announces co-operation with Epic Pagan Metal band SIG:AR:TYR!

SIG:AR:TYR from London, Ontario, Canada is the brainchild of Daemonskald and started in 2003 with releasing “The Stranger” demo. Influenced by the Pagan/Viking worlds of ice and snow, and as a tribute to the ancient gods, Daemonskald built his strong reputation step by step.

Through the years Daemonskald and Hammerheart Records stayed in touch, and after releasing three fantastic full length albums (too good to be left buried in the deep underground) both parties agreed that the time to start working together was now!

Daemonskald on this co-operation:
"I'm very excited to be working with Hammerheart Records. They have a strong history in Pagan and Viking Metal, and I hope with the long-awaited release of my new album I can follow in that tradition. They were one of the first labels to reach out to me when I first started out way back in 2003, and now the stars are right for us to be working together and the circle is complete."

Together these three classic CD releases will be re-worked and re-issued, being:
“Sailing the Seas of Fate” from 2005
“Beyond the North Winds” from 2008
“Godsaga” from 2010

Hammerheart Records will also release the new album, that is currently in the works entitled “Northen”. This will happen by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

SIG:AR:TYR’s style is unique, but will appeal to fans of Bathory’s epic period (think Hammerheart/Twilight Of The Gods) and Falkenbach. You might wonder why you never heard this excellent band before, hard to believe they might actually be as great as described? Simply because Daemonskald decided to do everything on his own until recently... together we will step out of obscurity!


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