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October 16 2018

Phlebotomized reveals album cover and tracklist!

Dutch Innovative Death Metal Masters Phlebotomized return to form with their upcoming album "Deformation Of Humanity"... a logical follow up to their “Immense Intense Suspense” album! The album is set for a januari 2019 release via Hammerheart Records.
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October 12 2018

Necrophobic's "The Call" re-issue on Mini-LP

Legendary and much sought after Necrophobic EP gets re-issued as a 12” Mini-LP. “The Call” EP was recorded at the famous Sunlight studio in Stockholm, but sees Necrophobic backing off from the very Entombed sound of their “Unholy Prophecies” demo, to their advantage if we may say so.
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October 11 2018

Phlebotomized teases new album!

Let us see if we can build up a bit of excitement with a teaser video for Deformation of Humanity” by Phlebotomized! Sit back, click and get just a small fix of what is actually coming your way!

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October 11 2018

Death Metal legends Cryptopsy continue their chaotic reign on “Fear His Displeasure”

I’m going to get this out of the way now to save time, it would be easy to write several pages discussing how important Cryptopsy is to me and the world of death metal as a whole. But I am mainly here today to premiere a new song called “Fear His Displeasure” so we’ll focus on that.
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October 10 2018

Hammerheart Records and Dead Head announce future plans on catalogue and a new album in 2019!

Hammerheart Records and Dead Head announce the re-issues of all past recordings of the Dutch Thrash Metal legends. Each album will be re-issued in the top quality that Hammerheart Records is known for by now.

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September 18 2018

Self titled debut EP from Defy The Curse at Hammerheart Records

Hammerheart Records will release the debut EP from the new Dutch old school Death Metal outfit Defy The Curse as 12" LP and MC! Defy The Curse is new 4 piece Swedish sounding Death Metal band, that isn’t afraid to show their love for old school Crustcore and Sludge!
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September 13 2018

“The Book Of Suffering - Tome II” from Cryoptopsy at Hammerheart Records

Good and exciting news, we will continue our great co-operation with the ever innovating Cryptopsy! "The Book Of Suffering - Tome II" will be released by Hammerheart Records as vinyl 12", Digi-MCD and MC.

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September 11 2018

“Satanic Prophecies” boxed set of 5 remastered Digi-CD’s by Necrophobic!

ll the classic Necrophobic albums will be re-issued in upgraded artwork and sound quality. Fully remastered, sounding more powerful than ever before, these are the definitive versions of the classic albums by the legendary Swedish Death Metal band.
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