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March 8 2018

Pestilence shows cancellation

We are very unfortunate to announce the temporary cancellation of four Pestilence shows. Pestilence cannot perform on March 10th in Gran Canaria, and the release shows in The Netherlands the weekend after (March 15-17).

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February 13 2018

Pestilence's "Hadeon" release shows

Na het overweldigende succes van de Europase “Fight The Plague” tour komt Pestilence terug op Vaderlandse bodem om eindelijk “Hadeon” voor te stellen aan de fans.

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January 25 2018

Pestilence releases "Hadeon" digitally to coincide with "Fight the Plague" European Tour start!

Today Pestilence embarks on a month long European tour under the name "Fight the Plague", and will perform an old school set consisting of songs from their first four classic albums. After the tour "Hadeon" will be released, the new album, in the first week of March.
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January 12 2018

Corpus Rottus' “Rituals Of Silence” to be re-issued

Hammerheart Records has come to an agreement to re-release the infamous underground album “Rituals Of Silence” by Corpus Rottus from the U.S.! Originally released on vinyl only in 1991 Corpus Rottus belongs to that list of extremely cool underground bands from the early 90’s
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January 11 2018

Pestilence releases second single from “Hadeon”!

Pestilence gives in to fans craving for more songs from “Hadeon” with the second single from that upcoming killer album. “Non Physical Existent” is the opening song on “Hadeon” and features once again all the Pestilence trademarks we love them for.

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January 8 2018

Classic Meliah Rage albums to be re-issued in deluxe editions

Back in 1989 I saw Meliah Rage perform live as support act to Gang Green, and even if the combination was strange it left a lasting impression. I still love both bands as much today as I did back then.

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January 5 2018

Martyria’s self-titled debut album as a release on vinyl only

Hammerheart Records has a very long tradition in releasing Heathen ambient music (remember Hagalaz’Runedance) and when we heard the album by Martyria, we decided to do a co-operation with the band and release this haunting recording on vinyl only.
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January 4 2018

Hear Exclusive New Pestilence Song “Hypnotic Terror” Via Decibel Flexi Series

Reactivated Dutch death metal legends Pestilence have officially joined the Decibel Flexi Series, and this exclusive new track, “Hypnotic Terror” was recorded during the sessions for the new Pestilence LP, Hadeon.

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January 2 2018

Pestilence's "Hadeon" pre-orders are up!

The legendary Dutch death dealers Pestilence are back! Pre-order the new album “Hadeon” now in various variants. We expect to ship early february!

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