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August 14 2017

After only 22 years... Inquisitor is back!

It is with great pleasure that all four original members of Inquisitor have great news: in january 2018 Hammerheart Records will release the successor of the infamous 1996 album “Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust”, which will be called “Stigmata Me, I’m In Misery”.
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July 25 2017

Muert share new song "Olor A Muert" from their upcoming album!

Necro black metal from Tenerife! Muert is the dirt under your finger nails, Muert is Sonic insanity, Muert reeks of corpses because they fuck them. Ugly Blackness with nekro-inspired old school thrash riffs, no room for melody or emotions... to the death!

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Jun 13 2017

Ereb Altor release new video for "En Synd Svart Som Sot"!

The new video for Ereb Altor's killer song "En synd svart som sot" from their upcoming new album "Ulfven". Help us to keep the flame of Scandinavian Metal Alive and spread this like wildfire!

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Jun 9 2017

Pre-order the new album "Ulfven" from Ereb Altor now!

Epic pagan/viking metal band Ereb Altor has earned a big reputation through their career for being right there at the front of epic metal, with pagan/viking elements added, sounding like the true son of Bathory’s most epic side.

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May 25 2017

Ereb Altor reveals formats and cover artwork for "Ulfven"

Ereb Altor and Hammerheart Records proudly present the cover art from the upcoming album “Ulfvens”! The album cover was created by Robban Kanto and Mattias Frisk/Mats Skickat!

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